Thursday, April 12, 2007

Don't Forget The Kids!

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You packed the food, clothes, beverages, chairs, bug spray, cookware, charcoal, and the kitchen sink, and are ready to go camping. Did you forget something? First time camping families tend to make a fatal error before they leave. Packing toys for the kids. I know, you're going out to the great outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and natures beauty, but do you want to hear "Mom, I'm bored", or "Dad, there's nothing to do"?

Chances are you worked all week, you're tired, and you need a break from it all. Going camping tends to be a little more work than staying at home for the weekend, with all the packing, traveling, and cooking over the fire or grill. The last thing you need is more on your plate.
Bring what the kids play with at home. If it's a video game, pack a small TV and the games for them. Cell phones, Ipods, board games, DVD's, etc. Don't forget their favorite sleeping aids, stuffed animals, blankets, etc.

You can never be too safe on a trip, camping or traveling in general. I know this goes against the premise of getting everyone to enjoy nature, but trust me, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Monday, April 9, 2007

An easy, delicious dinner.

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This is a delicious and easy dinner idea for you.(I can't take much credit for this one)
Do you like blackened tuna? This is so simple. Take enough potatoes to feed everyone, wrap them in foil, 2 layers. Even out your campfire, or grill, and place the potatoes over the embers. (Try not to burn off all your arm hair like I sometimes do) Cook times of the potatoes vary, stick a fork through the foil into the potatoes and check for doneness, like you would normally do. I take it you already have a cast iron pan for the fire? If you don't you can go to my website, click on cookware, and check out the Lodge pans. When you figure you have at least 15 minutes to go with the potatoes, place your empty pan over the fire to get it nice and hot. Buy CHEF PAUL PRUDHOMMES, BLACKENED REDFISH MAGIC, Seasoning. It's good, trust me. Dip fillets in melted butter, sprinkle seasoning over butter, repeat on other side of fish, cook quickly. It will form a crust on both sides, don't overcook! Serve with a veggie if you want, done!

Friday, March 30, 2007

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Being from the midwest, i'm not able to camp year round, so the RV sits all winter. When time comes to put it back on the road i'm able to do it seamlessly by following a few easy steps.
1) Winterize the RV. Grab your owners manual, look up winterizing, and get familiar with it.
2) If you don't winterize, I don't because i'll go camping when it's cold, make sure you treat the gas with STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer. This will keep the gas fresh and prevent the gas from forming varnish deposits that can result in starting problems and poor performance.
3) Run the air-conditioner once a month to keep it in working order.
4) If you store on grass, put RV on wood planks to preserve the tires.
5) Cover RV to prevent the elements from deteriorating it.
6) Remove batteries and store inside for winter, keeping them charged.
7) These are a few, but important, steps to storing your RV. Always refer to your owners manal for storage tips.

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